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Below You'll Find Helpful Information/ Frequently Asked Questions!

What's The Process?

It's really quite simple! Once you request a collaboration with us by filling out a booking form, you'll receive a follow-up email within 24-48 hours. This email will most importantly include your "music start date" (the date we will begin production on your project) and an invoice. All you have to do after that is make sure to send in your routine sheets as well as a full routine video (using an 8-count-track opposed to counting) to before your start date!

What's Your Turnaround Time?

Understanding the turnaround time is essential when ordering music, which is why at Advanced Tracks, our top priority is delivering exceptional products within timeframes that suit our clients' needs. To accommodate various schedules, we provide the following turnaround options:

2-3 Weeks From Scheduled Start Date

1 Week or Less From Scheduled Start Date

Where Can I Find Routine/ 8-Count-Sheets?

Right here! Once you download and fill them out, we kindly request that you submit routine sheets as well as a full routine video to us anytime before your confirmed music start date using our preferred format. To download the sheets directly, please click the button below!

What's the Best Way to Video?

A full routine video isn't technically required but it is highly encouraged! To ensure we're able to use the video, we kindly ask to record your full routine as it is (this can be anything from a full mark-through to a full-out) using an 8-count-track. What's a 8-count-track you ask? It's a very useful 'pre-mix' piece of music that uses a consistent tempo throughout, allowing us to follow along much easier as we construct your project. It is imperative that any videos sent in do not use voice counting as a method unless you send in additional videos (ex. just the elite stunt).

What About Payment?

After you've been given your confirmed music start date, we'll send you an invoice that requires a minimum 50% deposit to secure your place on our calendar and initiate the pre-production process. Prompt payment of the deposit enables us to begin crafting your personalized music as soon as possible!


Let's Collaborate!
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